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Multiple Dates
Mar 03, 9:00 AM
Mar 3 & 10 9:00-12:30 | Mar 15 9:00-10:00
Get everything you need to run DiSC workshops and debrief individuals and teams. DiSC is the leading personal assessment tool used by over 1 million people every year to improve work productivity, teamwork, and communication.
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Participant Satisfaction

Ronald Asiimwe, M.S, LLMFT

Susan was an

engaging and exciting teacher/facilitator. Although the DiSC reports were a lot to take in, Susan found a simple and relatable way to facilitate our session.


Even on-screen, Susan was lively and full of energy as evidenced by her ability to use her hands, smiling throughout the session, and a great sense of humor.


She effectively engaged everyone and used a strength-based approach to validate every person in the "room" with their DiSC profile.


Susan, you are awesome and

  gifted facilitator!      

 Dr. C. Victor Herbin III

What a phenomenal



This training not only afforded me the opportunity to learn about my personal DISC style, but also to identify strategies that will sustain or improve working relationships with other styles.


Susan, Barry, and Marcie delivered a great training experience. 


Highly recommend investing in this insightful training and add this worthwhile skillset to your toolbox!       


Rick Milter, PhD

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

I found the training to be of great value to gaining solid appreciation for the value of DiSC.  


The ability of the Swan Consulting team of Susan, Barry, and Marcie to facilitate the training and encourage a genuine community of practice with the professionals “in the room” was indeed stellar. Not only did I gain better appreciation for the value of DiSC and how to employ it for others, I gained genuine connection to a network of professional leaders and coaches.        

Danielle Saunders, RN 

Clinical Mentor

I wish that I’d done the DiSC earlier in my life.


It may have helped me to save a lot of relationships inside and outside of work.        

Overview of the Everything DiSC


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