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Physician Leadership

In addition to executive coaching and consulting for administrative leadership within healthcare, we equip physicians with the leadership skills to be effective communicators, powerful motivators and proactive and innovative leaders who effectively position themselves and their organization for the next level of success.

While clinical experience cannot be understated, administrative leadership skills are very different skills. Medical school trains physicians to think autonomously. Conversely, administrative leadership requires collaboration, communication, and consensus building skills.

Healthcare organizations benefit from business-savvy physician leaders who are skilled in managing conflict, are excellent team builders, who make sound managerial and budgetary decisions and who can articulate and implement the vision and objectives of the organization to achieve desired results.


Develop and strengthen the leadership competencies of your physician leaders.

  • Successfully transition from clinical to administrative roles

  • Articulate and implement a vision

  • Manage and facilitate change and performance improvement

  • Lead effective meetings

  • Deliver clear and impactful presentations

  • Resolve and manage conflicts

  • Work effectively with different personalities

  • Reduce stress

  • Manage multiple priorities

  • Build and lead effective and productive teams

  • Create a motivated culture

  • Collaborate with others to solve organizational challenges

  • Effectively delegate work and manage accountability

  • Practice self-awareness and self-management

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