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Training Videos

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to rent, and in some cases purchase, various educational and training videos. The following provides the title and a brief summary of some of the videos. When you click on Learn More you will be taken to the Vimeo platform we are using to host the videos. Simply scroll to the video of your choice and there will be step-by-step instructions.




International Coach Federation (ICF) MD Chapter Education Sessions.

Executive Coaching: Diverse Perspectives - FREE

***UPDATE: All ICF Videos are now being offered complimentary for use by clients of Swan Consulting Group, Inc. and visitors to this website.

A panel of PCC and MCC credentialed coaches share how they define and perform executive coaching, including processes and fees charged.  As part of the presentations, each coach will talk briefly about what assessment tools they use in their practice, and why. We will hear from coaches who coach in the Federal, Non-Profit, and For-Profit sectors of business.

Bill Pullen, MCC:
Bill is an executive coach and organizational development consultant who provides executive coaching and leadership development services to both public and private organizations. His work focuses on developing current and emerging leaders, building leadership capacity within organizations and aligning leader behavior with organizational strategy and mission needs.


Melonie Garrett, MCC:
Melonie is master certified coach (MCC), and organizational development consultant with over 20 years of outcome-based experience in leading organizations, providing business and life coaching for multi-cultural individuals and teams, and organizational performance and development.  Melonie has coached at all senior levels within the Federal Government, to include those at the SES level.


Denice R. Hinden, PhD, PCC, ELI-MP:
Denice Hinden coaches in nonprofit and public workplaces. Since 2000, she has invigorated the management and performance of more than 85 nonprofit organizations with transforming strategic planning, and powerful individual and group coaching with all levels of nonprofit leaders and teams.  Denice is co-author of a groundbreaking book, The Nonprofit Organizational Culture Guide: Revealing the Hidden Truths that Impact Performance (Jossey-Bass, 2011).

The Future of Coaching - FREE

ICF MD and ICF Metro DC joined professional development teams to bring together four leaders; each of whom addresses what will contribute to tomorrow’s coaching culture.

Ed Modell, PCC and past President ICF MD Chapter discusses Where the Profession of Coaching is Headed with regard to current and future licensing and regulatory requirements. Ed explains their effect on coaching practices within various states within the U. S. as well as internationally.

M. Parker Maybry, PCC, President of The Anderson Advantage Group discusses Diversity and Coaching.  Parker talks about how coaches can better prepare themselves in order to draw a wider base of coachees in the ever expanding global coaching communities.

Pat Mathews, MCC, Program Director Georgetown Leadership Coaching Program discusses The Value of a Coaching Credential.  Pat focuses on the current ICF credentialing requirements and process.  She talks about how coaches can prepare to discuss with purchasers of coaching the value of professional coach training and credentialing to assist in selecting not only qualified coaches, but coaches who are best suited for a particular coaching engagement.

Christo Schutte, Founder and President of The Game Within discusses How to Utilize Technology to Support Your Coaching Practice. Christo shares with the audience his experience with technology in his coaching practice and explains the benefits of using technology without getting overwhelmed.


Healing our Health Care System: Transforming the Future - FREE

A panel of health care experts discuss health care from their perspectives and ways in which we can make positive and sustainable change. Physician Leadership Development and Workplace Wellness Programs will be explored as Viable and Promising Solutions


You will hear from:

Warren A. Green, Former President and Chief Executive Officer, LifeBridge Health

Mr. Green had total responsibility for LifeBridge Health, which is the parent company for Sinai Hospital, Northwest Hospital, Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Hospital, Courtland Gardens Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Sinai Rehabilitation, LifeBridge Health and Fitness as well as a number of other smaller subsidiaries in Baltimore, Maryland.  Prior to entering the healthcare field, Mr. Green served as a Lieutenant in the Medical Service Corps of the United States Naval Reserve, in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Z. Colette Edwards, M.D., M.B.A.

A gastroenterologist who leads Insight MD, a healthcare business consultancy which offers a broad portfolio of services to corporations, one of which is PeopleTweaker, a coaching service line providing health, wellness, and life coaching, training in health coaching techniques for health professionals and support staff, and coaching for physicians suffering burnout. She is the Managing Editor of The Wharton Healthcare Quarterly and a graduate of Harvard University, The Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, the Wharton School, and the Health and Wellness Graduate Certificate Program in Health and Wellness Coaching from the Tai Sophia Institute.

Mitchell Schwartz M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Anne Arundel Health System & President of Physician Enterprise, LLC

Dr. Schwartz is responsible for quality initiatives, development of the physician enterprise, integration and enhancement of the IT structure and clinical programs growth. Dr. Schwartz graduated from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA in 1981 and earned his MD from the University of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine in 1985 with honors. He served as Chief Resident on Internal Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and, as well as completed a fellowship in Cardiology in 1992.


Jonathan W. Anders, Chief Executive Officer of Allegeant Accountable Care Solutions

Allegeant Accountable Care Solutions is an organization providing strategic accountable solutions to business and organizations for managing workforce health risks. In addition, Jonathan is the Chairman of the Joint Legislative Committee for both the Maryland Association of Health Underwriters (MAHU) and the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA).

Train The Trainer

Everything DiSC® Workplace: Purchase or rent a Train The Trainer (TTT) workshop video. Two instructors conduct a half-day program, with a live audience, designed to provide participants everything needed to conduct an Everything DiSC Workplace workshop. The workshop video was edited to include the 2.5 hours of essential features; to include preparation of flip charts, inclusion of supportive materials, facilitation of experiential exercises, and when to show videos (optional).


Rent the Video for 90-days:                               $150.00

Purchase the Video (DVD)                                 $250.00

Select Swan Consulting Videos

Operate Effectively Above the Visible Line: Gerry Sandusky - $0.00

Gerry Sandusky is a sportscaster and the voice of the Baltimore Ravens. He is also a trainer and coach brought in by Swan Consulting to work with CEOs and other top level executives on how to be a leader who communicates effectively not only to the media or public but within their organizations. In his experiences, Mr. Sandusky has found that the tools that help you advance to a leadership level are technical and political whereas the tools that help excel you as a leader are completely different. These are the skills that few learn as they rise – but are at the absolute heart of leadership.


As a leader, whether on the sports field or in an office, your ability to convey vision and inspire excellence will make or break your own personal success and that of your business. At this point you’ve risen Above the Visible Line.


Mr. Sandusky shares the skills you need to operate effectively above the Visible Line. During this compelling session, you learn:

  • Usually what’s perceived to be lack of vision is really a lack of the ability to effectively communicate;

  • How audiences evaluate you every time and in very little time;

  • How your communication supports or becomes your brand;

  • And how to figure out why other people aren’t getting your message (Hint: Even when you think the problem is them, it’s probably you).

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