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Imagine how much stronger your relationships would be if you really understood what made people tick. At Swan Consulting Group—an authorized partner of —the SDI® (Strength Deployment Inventory) is a fundamental tool we use to help our clients understand their behavior and that of others under two conditions; when things are going well, and when in conflict. It’s a new level of understanding that enables our clients to communicate more effectively AND handle conflict more productively.

What is the SDI?

The SDI is not a test. It is an inventory that identifies each individual’s personal strengths and what motivates him or her under two conditions: when everything is going well and when conflicts or opposition arise. Participants see their results as an arrow on a triangle and in the context of their group. Regions of the triangle suggest seven Motivational Value Systems (MVS) based on the locations of the dots and thirteen Conflict Sequences based on the locations of the arrowheads. This picture of personality makes it easier for people to understand the results and talk about them in a non-threatening, objective manner.

SDI Group Workshops

Swan’s SDI-based workshops are designed to dramatically improve workplace communication by providing participants with the SDI’s common language regarding their unique styles of relating to others. In addition to gaining an understanding of their respective styles, each participant will gain an understanding of each of the other participant’s styles. A detailed discussion will revolve around the various styles of interaction, with experiential opportunities that can be applied immediately in the workplace.


SDI® Certification Training

To help ensure the complete, accurate and ethical use of the SDI assessments, Personal Strengths Publishing, the creator of the SDI, requires that facilitators complete, at minimum, Level 1 SDI Certification. Swan Consulting Group can help you prepare for both


Level 1 and Level 2 Certification process.

  • Level 1 SDI Facilitator Certification (L1) – A two-day L1 workshop to give you the skills, knowledge, and resources to start working with the SDI self-assessments. Successful completion of this course qualifies attendees to purchase, administer, and debrief SDI and instills the confidence to start working with the tools the very next day.

  • Level 2 SDI Facilitator Certification (L2) – An advanced two-dayworkshop to give you the full picture of Relationship Awareness, the theory behind the SDI, with applications in conflict management, performance coaching, comparative models, and relationship-based 360-degree feedback. Successful completion of this course qualifies attendees to purchase, administer, and debrief SDI Feedback and Expectations tools.

  • SDI Full Certification – A three-day format that combines Level 1 and Level 2 certifications. Now being piloted through 2014—availability is limited.

Swan Consulting Group also offers an online Level 1 Certification option.

Interested in becoming a Certified SDI Facilitator? Swan Consulting Group will make sure you are registered at the time and location that work best for you.

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