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Clay Parcells

After 30+ years of successfully leading businesses, Clay is now providing executive coaching for leaders across the US. Clay’s professional experience blends, consulting, coaching, marketing and facilitation. Clay is a Coach and Advisor to executives and their teams. He focuses on helping leaders and leadership teams improve their effectiveness and, ultimately, the bottom-line growth in their companies.

Clay was past President and Executive Vice President for Johnson& Higgins, a corporate insurance and benefit consulting firm. Clay held many leadership roles at J&H including leading a financial turnaround of their business in Texas and co-leading the sales and marketing area.


Clay has worked with leaders in corporations and not for profits. His experience includes working for Government Contractors, Health Care providers, County and Federal Governments, Consumer Goods Manufacturing and Associations. Clay’s coaching clients include Adventist Health Care, Black & Decker, CareFirst, Textron, SRA International, American Beverage Association, Intersections, Inc., and Armstrong World Industries to name a few.


One of the areas of executive transformation addressed through this coaching is conflict management and resolution. Through using The Leadership Circle Profile 360 and/or conducting qualitative interviews, Clay is able to work with executives to identify the root cause of their reactive behaviors that lead to avoiding conflict and/or delaying action.


Clay is currently working with several executives understanding their complying and protective behavior, the impact it has on their leadership effectiveness and the success of their organizations.

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