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Healthcare Workflow & Technology Optimization

Today’s healthcare organizations are expected to do more with fewer resources. Our strategic business consultants—many boasting years of experience as C-level healthcare leaders themselves—can help you optimize current workflow and system interoperability to maximize efficiency and reduce costs, while increasing patient safety and satisfaction. Many of our clients see a return on investment in three to six months.

We can help your healthcare organization optimize:

  • Peri-operative services (decrease first case delays, decrease cancellations)

  • Lean processes (create a sustainable, measurable and repeatable Lean project)

  • Discharge planning (increase patient flow and throughput, decrease readmissions)

  • Emergency department (improve patient flow and wait times)

  • EMRs and information technology systems

  • Chemotherapy delivery (optimize chair utilization, reduce wait times)

  • Physician practices (maximize scheduling and revenue capture, optimize EMRs)

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