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High Potential Leadership Programs

As the baby boomer generation retires in record numbers, succession planning has hit the radar screen of employers hard. Swan Consulting Group’s certified executive coaches and trainers can help you groom the next generation of leaders for your organization.


We will work with your most promising and talented emerging leaders to ready them for today’s toughest business leadership challenges while illuminating pathways for long-term success. They will learn how to lead under pressure, champion change, build teams, and develop effective leadership throughout the organization.


A 12-Month, Classroom-Style Program

Our High Potential Leadership Program brings the insights of business experts, the experiences of successful leaders, and the latest research on management and leadership into a classroom-style environment to help your leadership candidates embrace increasing levels of responsibility.

The program also uses the business case method, an active learning model based on real-world events, to teach participants how to analyze complex data, anticipate consequences, and articulate their courses of action with their peers. See a sample 12-month program. See a sample 12-month program.

One-On-One Coaching for Every Candidate

In addition to the “classroom” learning, each participant will work side by side with one of our certified executive coaches to develop and implement a personalized leadership development plan. Learn more about our executive coaching process.

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