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Karen Pell

With a background in assessment of work performance for individuals and teams, Karen brings her listening and synthesizing skills to many performance issues in the workplace. She is skilled at meeting management, facilitation, brainstorming, planning and implementation. Too often training is selected as the answer for performance issues. Karen likes to ask other questions and analyze critical data elements about the workplace and its workers to understand the context and environment to maximize performance.

As President of VIA!, Karen has worked with small companies and nonprofit organizations to enhance work performance of individuals and teams. Her clients include housing, human services, design, labor, advocacy, mediation, education, and health organizations. She has a PhD in Rehabilitation Services with an emphasis on return to work for persons with disabilities. Her certificate in Nonprofit Management is from Johns Hopkins University, where she teaches strategic planning locally and internationally. She is certified as a Vocational Evaluator and maintains leadership positions in a number of professional organizations and community groups.

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