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Kimberly Bowen

Dynamic Leaders / Engaged Employees / Powerful Career Management

Kimberly Bowen is a top performing Executive Career Coach and Career Management Consultant with extensive broad-based, multi-industry experience. She has a proven track record with more than 15 years’ experience delivering superior leadership and career development services and providing customized solutions to more than 2,000 professionals nationwide, in all major industries, many from Fortune 500 companies.


Kimberly is an innovative, forward-thinking, solutions-oriented professional with an established reputation of inspiring individuals and groups to develop powerful leadership and career strategies that leverage their vision, strengths, interests, style, and experience.

Kimberly is a Board Certified Coach certified as an Executive and Career Coach.  She


also has separate certifications as a Certified Leadership and Talent Management Coach, and Certified Career Coach. She is a client-focused Consultant; dynamic Leader and Trainer.  She is a demonstrated top performer excelling at developing successful client relationships and delivering high-impact services to help organizations sustain their competitive edge.

Kimberly has helped professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, teachers, finance, IT and sales professionals (and more!) make career changes, job moves, industry changes, and leadership transformations. Kimberly’s dedication to educating and coaching professionals to pursue inspiring, meaningful work has been a hallmark throughout her career.

In her career, Kimberly served as the director of career services for a national women’s organization and held corporate, federal, and state government roles in education, healthcare, science and technology.


Kimberly has been featured In Money Magazine, Baltimore Business Journal, Baltimore Sun, Washington Post and Baltimore Women’s Journal.


Kimberly has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from the University of Maryland, College Park.  She is a Board Certified Coach (BCC) from Center for Credentialing & Education; a Certified Leadership and Talent Management Coach (CLTMC) from Workplace Coach Institute (ICF accredited) and a Certified Career Coach (CCC) from Career Coach Institute (ICF accredited); with an additional graduate coach certification from Coachville. She holds memberships in The Career Coach Institute and Workplace Coach Institute.


Areas of Expertise

Career Management

  • Career Transition & Assessment

  • Career Planning & Management

  • Self Employment Exploration

  • Retirement & Outplacement Coaching

  • Résumé & Brand Development

  • Job Search Strategic Planning

  • Social Media & LinkedIn Strategies

  • Federal Employment Search Strategies

  • Interviewing & Negotiating Strategies

  • Evaluating Offers & On-Boarding Success


Leadership & Talent Management

  • Leadership & Executive Coaching

  • Career Management & Strategic Planning

  • Skill Development & Assessment

  • Emotional Intelligence & Interpersonal Skills

  • Talent Development & Managing Performance

  • Leading Teams & Building Relationships

  • Communicating & Influencing People

  • Managing & Leading Change

  • Resiliency: Managing Time & Stress


“Kimberly is a very seasoned and knowledgeable career consulting professional and a superb career coach who is capable of providing timely guidance and sane advice throughout the complex career transition process. She has fantastic interpersonal and communication skills, is very articulate and is an attentive listener who provides innovative solutions.”

– Koushik Ghosh, PhD, Senior Physicist & Systems Engineer, NY

“Kimberly has an excellent eye for details; she assisted me with building a professional resume that incorporated work experiences that I had not considered. She shared a wealth of resources that provoked my thinking and rekindled my passions as it relates to my strengths. If you are looking for a career coach to help you realize your full potential, I highly recommend Kimberly. She will take you on a strategic journey of positive self-discovery that will challenge your personal and professional ambitions.”

– Sharon Reed, Career Changer, MD

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