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Melonie Garrett, MCC

Melonie is a master certified coach (MCC) and organizational development consultant with over 20 years of outcome-based experience in leading organizations, providing business and life coaching for multi-cultural individuals and teams, organizational development and performance. Ms. Garrett serves as a powerful resource for leaders and their respective organizations, reshaping leadership and organizational patterns of thinking and work practices that no longer serve the intent, goals or desired outcomes. Her first-hand experience in the various dimensions of executive leadership and the complexities facing leaders allow her to customize her facilitation in a way that leverages real-world business application, yielding leadership agility and breakthrough results.



NIH, EPA, DHS, DOE and DOD Senior Executive Services (SES) Candidate Development Program – Federal Executive Institute (FEI)

Ms. Garrett leads cohort Action Learning Teams, serves as lead coach and coaches


each member individually. She helps to design and deliver program elements, providing leadership tools, practices, observations and personal and organizational transformation strategies. Ms. Garrett helps the team and individuals achieve goals, work through team development challenges, design development goals and plans for shadowing, a four month detail assignment, and helps them manage the transitions. She helps the team successfully complete IDP’s that focus on ECQ development and the SES CDP application process and certification.


  • Executive Coaching (over 3,500 hours)

  • Organizational Development

  • Diversity & Inclusion Dialog

  • Team Interventions

  • Team Building

  • Action Learning


  • Over 20 years’ experience in Team Coaching, Team Building and Facilitation

  • ICF Certified Executive Coach


  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Morgan State University

  • Master of Organizational Development – The American University

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