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Olivia Lockwood

Olivia Lockwood is a certified life coach who helps business owners and executives improve their performance in both professional and personal situations. An accredited member of the International Coach Federation, Olivia coaches corporate executives from Fortune 500 companies, as well as small business owners and directors of non-profit organizations.

Called a “goal champion” by one of her clients, Olivia’s warmth and passion allow her to establish a unique relationship with each of her clients, helping them tap into their desire for more competence, autonomy and/or connection. Individual goals and measures are created and a process that directly benefits the individual is utilized to begin taking action on stated goals. Open Up Coaching clients average over 86% achievement towards goals set in the areas of career, finance, relationship and personal improvement. She is frequently called upon by companies to make her services available to emerging leaders, providing growth opportunities and tangible results.

Olivia has completed over 120 hours of coach specific training with Results Coaching


Systems. In addition to her ICF ACC credential, she is a Results Certified Coach and Lead Trainer.  Olivia’s first experiences using coaching tools took place during the mid-90s as a Technical Sales Consultant at Arthur Andersen and as a Solution Selling© coach and trainer. An enduring interest in developing human potential – from obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Management Science through training roles and now to professional coaching – has allowed Olivia to match her passion for performance with her desire to pursue possibilities.


Having lived in the West Indies, Europe, Asia and the U.S., Olivia has had the privilege of maintaining strong global client relationships. She has the advantage of understanding business cultures and how they differ from country to country, continent to continent.


Open Up Coaching is based in Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.

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