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Ondine Norman, PCC

Ondine brings more than 14 years of experience as a professional coach and facilitator to her work. Over the past twelve years she has formally coached over 150 people focusing on one-on-one and group coaching in the global market place. Ondine’s special areas of interest are inter-personal communication, inter-cultural business leadership and change management. She uses the tools of consultation, coaching, team building, and management training to help clients build workplace partnerships that yield excellent business results. She has worked with executives one-on-one, conducted strategic planning retreats and facilitated trainings in communication skills, leadership skills and emotional intelligence.

Most recently, Ondine served as Senior Faculty for The Exetor Group delivering leadership workshops and individual coaching internationally to McKinsey & Company consultants from 2006-present. She has spent the last two years focusing on working with Asian executives in China and Singapore helping them integrate their skills with the demands of emerging markets. She is a Senior Consultant and Executive Coach for Rainbow Media Entertainment a subsidiary of Cablevision and for Johnson & Johnson’s R&D Pharma division.


A simple, unifying thread ties together all of Ondine’s work. She strives to leave her clients not just more capable and skilled, but also personally enriched, more in touch with their own passion and their commitment at work. She focuses mainly on facilitating and teaching her clients the art of difficult conversations, and working with senior and mid-level managers who are building their leadership qualities. Ondine believes that development of communication skills for an executive means developing congruency of language, physical presence and emotional intelligence. Her style is a balance of being warm, supportive and challenging as well as focusing on leading during difficult times.


She is also a senior mentor and teacher for the Newfield Network, an international coaching school accredited by the International Coach Federation where she instructs and mentors people who are interested in both transactional and ontological coaching.

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