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Rayna Schroeder

Rayna Schroeder has over 20 years of experience as a management consultant, trainer, coach and facilitator.  Rayna works with leaders who want to make  a positive impact on the people they lead and on the planet.  In addition to her B.S. degree in Business and M.S. degree in Positive Psychology, she is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF).  She has extensive Federal government client experience as well as clients from the military, corporate, and non-profit sectors.  Rayna is certified in a wide variety of assessments and 360 instruments and holds Top Secret security clearances from multiple Federal agencies.  She is also co-author of Becoming a Servant-Leader: A Workbook for Bringing Skill and Spirit to Professional and Personal Life

Having been called “ridiculously likeable,” conversations with Rayna are educational as well as entertaining.  She lives Northwest of Baltimore in Eldersburg, MD with her husband Gary and two cats, Perry and Della.  And the entire household is clear that the cats are the ones in charge.


Go From Burning Out to Thriving at Work​


There are a lot of ideas about preventing burnout and instead, thriving and being happier at work.  But how do we know which strategies really work?  This workshop shares how to thrive at work based on research and proven strategies from Positive Psychology, the science of what makes us flourish.

Manage Energy Not Time

If you’re pushing yourself harder than ever to keep up and find yourself perpetually exhausted and overwhelmed, this workshop is for you.  Learn how to manage your energy – NOT your time.  This workshop shares the keys to high performance and personal renewal based on managing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy.

Create Thriving Workplaces for People, Profit and the Planet

This interactive session shares Positive Psychology research and tools along with Rayna’s signature five piece framework for leaders to have the positive impact they desire on their people, profit and the planet.  Learn that positive emotions aren’t just signals of well-being; they are creators of well-being that can help people go from burning out to thriving.

Leverage Strengths for Employee Engagement and Meaning at Work

Research shows we are our happiest, most creative, most resilient and most productive when we play to our strengths.  Learn about strengths and how they are a pathway to becoming fully involved in and enthusiastic about your work, as well as a pathway to finding meaning in the work you do.

I have additional topics such as emotional intelligence, managing change, understanding social styles, and having difficult conversations, although the topics above are my favorites and are topics that are more unusual.


Links to clips on Youtube 

  1. Story of Positivity’s effect on Doctor’s diagnosis

  2. Personal Story of Managing Anger

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