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Corporate Mediation

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Service Description

Our proven, six-step mediation process can help you transform a defensive communication climate into one that is supportive and productive. 1. Fact-finding and isolation of issues We meet with each individual to solicit his or her observations and input. This may uncover a theme to the challenges or a failure of certain systems and processes that need to be addressed. We often use psychometric tools, such as the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) to objectively identify each individual’s personal strengths and motivations and how these relate to others. 2. Creation of options and alternatives After we have completed the first phase, we will develop a summary which includes the creation of a list of potential action steps focused on areas that require enhancement. 3. Negotiation and decision-making We then sit down with the opposing parties to review the recommendations. To open the conversation in a non-threatening way, we often start by sharing each party’s psychometric profile (such as their SDI profile) to help each person understand objectively the other party’s inner goals and motivations. Our role is to oversee the discussion and provide fair and impartial assistance and clarification as needed. 4. Clarification and plan/agreement writing The parties agree to a plan, which is then put into writing. Swan Consulting Group ensures that the plan is clearly understood by both sides. 5. Implementation Our job doesn’t end at the negotiation table. We stay on board to help both parties effectively put the plan into action. 6. Regular review and revisions as appropriate Check-ins will be scheduled to ensure your agreement is being upheld successfully, and to help you tweak the plan as needed.

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