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Sharon Keys Seal

Before coaching was accepted as an essential development tool in the corporate arena, Sharon recognized the value of tapping the innate wisdom, courage, and humanity of high potential employees. For over fifteen years, she has steadfastly held to her mission of helping clients discover, understand and leverage their talents. Her intention is to encourage them to effectively bring their authentic selves into their work in ways that their contributions are evident, understood and appreciated.

Sharon works primarily on two levels with her clients.   On the first level, they begin to identify and incorporate the requisite skills and behaviors that lead to success at work. On the second level, which is even more important, clients become more aware of the personal attitudes and beliefs they must choose if they intend to demonstrate those skills and behaviors for the long term. By integrating relevant tools and models into their conversations, Sharon helps her clients broaden their perspectives and insights and change the way they see themselves and those with whom they work. Sharon brings the highest level of integrity to her relationships and work. Her humor and sense of fun make it easy for her clients to invest their time and energy into coaching.


As an executive coach, Sharon often supports clients in leadership development, communication skills, professional presence, problem solving and strategic thinking. Her industry experience includes financial services, science/technology, healthcare, education, consultancies, and non-profits.


A graduate of the prestigious Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Program, Sharon is also certified in The Interaction Method of Meeting Facilitation, and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). She completed the Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching Fundamentals program from Coach Training Institute and is also a graduate of Coach U. She has served as a contributing expert columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine’s on-line publication Entrepreneur.com, written for On Purpose Woman Magazine, and wrote a monthly business column for The Urbanite Magazine for five years. Sharon is former Co-Chair of the Baltimore City charitable giving circle B’MORE Fund; a former President of Resource Link; a member and former Club President of Toastmasters; and serves on the Johns Hopkins Breast Cancer Survivor Volunteer Team. She has two wonderful sons and enjoys kayaking, cooking, travel, playing with her dog Harley, and watching the wildlife on the Magothy River where she lives.

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