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Swan Consulting Group’s certified executive coaches can help you become the leader you know you can be—ready for today’s most complex organizational challenges. Our job is to help you determine what you want and how you can get there, but you are always the one who drives your coaching process.

Executive Coaching

Career Transition Coaching

High Potential Leadership Programs

Challenges are an ordinary part of every organization, but rising above them often takes a fresh perspective. Swan Consulting Group can help. Our consultants bring unique insights to the table—honed from years of real-world C-suite experience and academic thought leadership—to help you uncover new, innovative ways to do business better.

Project Management

Consulting & Training

Retreat Facilitation

Focus Groups

Strategic Planning

Corporate Mediation

Board Development

Clinical Optimization

Develop Leadership Competencies

Transition from Clinical to Administrative Roles

Manage and Facilitate Change and Performance Improvement

Lead Effective Meetings

Resolve and Manage Conflicts

Reduce Stress

Manage Multiple Priorities

Build and Lead Effective and Productive Teams

Create a Motivated Culture

Collaborate with Others to Solve Organizational Challenges

Effectively Delegate Work and Manage Accountability

Practice Self-Awareness

and Self-Management

The International Coach Federation (ICF)’s Eleven Core Coaching Competencies

Neuroscience-Based Research and Ideas that Support the Competencies

Opportunities for You to Coach and Receive Mentoring

The ICF Credentialing Process


Any other questions about the competencies, your coaching, your clients or your practice

Success Stories Built on Successful Connections

The services provided by Swan Consulting Associates include executive coaching; strategic business solutions; training, psychometric profiling assessments; professional development videos; and our recently introduced speaker’s bureau.

With Swan Consulting Group, every client success story starts with a successful connection. We connect people to their true purposes, goals, and tasks, and oftentimes we connect people to one another. It’s through these connections that we help you produce positive results, whether it’s increased revenue or stronger interpersonal communication or greater productivity—whatever you are chasing.

How We Work

Projects typically begin with our discovery process. The goal is to understand the true nature of your challenge:

  • When did you first become aware of the challenge and what did it look like at that time?

  • How has the challenge changed over time and what does it look like now?

  • Who has been intricately involved in the challenge and who needs to be involved in the resolution?

Once these questions are answered, we’ll help you uncover, evaluate and implement your options and forge the necessary connections you need to get from point A to point B. Our job is not done until your project is 100% complete—guaranteed.

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